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Repair Café - Bakersfield is now offering exciting classes in repair!

We will be holding evening classes in the following areas of repair when there is enough response in each area.  Sign up using the form at the bottom of the page.  Dates and times to be determined

Many people fear working on anything with wires attached.  Now you can get over that fear by learning the basics of safely working with electricity.  We will teach you different troubleshooting methods, basic tools needed, and even some very basic electrical theory.  When you are finished, you should be a lot more comfortable working on some of your basic household items.

Basic Electrical Repair
Basic Sewing Class

Learn to sew buttons on, use a sewing machine, and the basics of mending your own garments!

Basic Woodworking

Learn the basics of woodworking.  We will cover joinery, quick fixes, safely using power equipment, glues, finishes, and much more.

Small Engine Maintenance & Repair

This class covers basic maintenance and some repairs for lawn equipment and small engines that can be easily made at home.  Come out and learn from the experts.

Basic Automotive Maintenance

Avoid costly repairs by properly maintaining your automobile.  Learn how to properly change a tire, check oil, transmission fluid and coolant levels.  Get your car setup and ready for the winter season.

Sign up for a class that you would like to attend by filling out the form below

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